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High-Quality Concrete Contractor in Vero Beach

Roy Clark Concrete has been serving residents of Vero Beach, Florida for 25 years and counting! We specialize in residential and commercial concrete projects and are fully licensed and insured contractors. Whether your upcoming concrete job is simple or complex, large or small - our team can handle it all.

As a concrete contractor with 25+ years of experience in Vero Beach, Fl., we have established ourselves as a trusted, reliable company with customer reviews to prove it! Here is a bit more information on the services we provide.

Concrete Services Offered in Vero Beach, Florida

  • Driveway Services - Driveway services include driveway removal (demolition), new driveway installed or driveway extension. Our team can assist with all your driveway repair, replacement and removal needs in Vero Beach, Fl.
  • Parking Pads - Parking pads create durable, level, flat surfaces that can be utilized for a variety of needs. Whether you need extra space for parking your vehicle or RV (recreational vehicle) or a level surface to place an item like a jacuzzi, we’ve got you covered. Roy Clark Concrete, a concrete contractor in Vero Beach, Florida can install your parking pad with the level of quality required for it to last.
  • Metal Building Slabs - Metal buildings require a concrete slab; it creates a floor for the structure while providing support for the framing. It’s definitely not an area you want to skimp on as the foundation will determine the structural integrity for years to come.
  • Residential Slabs - Whether you are building a new home or expanding an existing home, the quality of the foundation is of the utmost importance. The slab/foundation affects the structural integrity of the life of the home. If the slab or foundation is poured by an inexperienced company, it will lead to expensive repairs and costly damage sooner or later.
  • Patio Installation/Patio Removal or Demolition - A nice patio can really transform and extend your outdoor living space. We specialize in demolition/removal of existing patios and can replace it or install a totally new patio surface. How much more time would you spend enjoying the company of family and friends while being able to entertain in your own beautiful outdoor living space?
  • Sidewalk Services (Installtion, Removal, Demolition) - Do you have an existing sidewalk or pathway on your property that needs to be removed or replaced? Don’t hesitate to contact us today for a quote. Custom Sidewalks and pathways can complement and improve your curb appeal. If you have an old pathway or sidewalk that is falling apart and cracked it can become a liability and pose a risk for friends and family, let’s avoid unnecessary trips and falls. Roy Clark Concrete can professionally install a new pathway with safety and durability in mind.

Roy Clark Concrete - A Reliable Concrete Contractor in Vero Beach

Did you know that concrete is the most widely used building material in the world? It is incredibly durable and resilient and can handle almost any climate. Concrete is resistant to rust, erosion and rot and requires little to no maintenance. It can outlast other common building materials like wood and to boot, its strength actually improves over time. This is especially true for the concrete mix we use which is regular rock instead of Pump Mix, which is stronger.

When you hire a concrete company for a job, you expect it to last a very long time so choosing a well-known, experienced company with skilled craftsmen is important. It's more than just mixing cement, water and sand together. Our professional team is knowledgeable on all aspects that are encountered on a job site. Whether it's understanding how the various pieces of equipment work, reading blueprints, knowing what materials are required and making calculations to ensure everything runs smoothly.

If you are looking for expert concrete services, stellar customer service, fair prices and high-quality materials look no further! Roy Clark Concrete is the reliable company you have been searching for. Contact us today for a quote, we look forward to hearing from you!

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