Frequently Asked Concrete Questions

Common questions from residents in Brevard and Indian River Counties

Question: What areas do you serve?


We serve Brevard and Indian River Counties in Florida, from Sebastian to Melbourne, FL.

Question: Why does concrete crack?


When concrete dries out it shrinks slightly. Typically for every 10 feet the change in volume is 1/16 of an inch which is why contractors put joints in concrete. The joints allow any cracks that form to follow a neat straight line which as far less unsightly.

Question: Can I paint or stain my concrete patio?


Yes you can. If you would like to have your patio professional stained or painted call today and we can discuss the color choices and methods with you. We can create a custom finish to enhance your outdoor living space with the warmth and style you’re looking for.

Question: What is the correct width for a concrete driveway?


Most reputable contractors will recommend that a driveway should be between 10 and 12 feet wide at straight runs and 14 feet wide at curves. Using these widths will keep drivers from going off the edge of the driveway and breaking off the concrete.

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